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Not much of a writer

Hi everyone, I’m laying in bed unable to sleep… what is that about? I feel totally exhausted… been so busy lately… not as much with work as I’ve been limiting myself to allow my wrist to heal gradually and properly. For those who do not know… I fell and smashed my wrist up in November… anyway… here we are now in June and yes I’m still struggling with it. I had a few months rest… then took up a few small challenges. When all of a sudden I found myself with a few dogs… 8 to be precise. Oh my word!! As a dog lover I was in seventh heaven but as a person I was in over my depth lol.

It all started a few years ago… I took my puppy, Archie a cairn terrier, to training classes. We met a neighbour there and he too had a young poodle pup called Brewster. They got on so well that when the neighbour moved I said I wanted to have joint custody of Brewster… that it was unfair to separate these two really good friends. So we agreed weekends and holidays. Last year someone in the village needed a dog sitter so I suggested he bring his dog around and we would see how they got on. Again I agreed weekdays and holidays whilst he was working away from home. This dog also called Archie is an old cockapoo… failing eyesight and no recall due to bad hearing but really a lovely temperament. All is well so far…

Up until recently, I was able to agree dates in my head… however… we have just taken on a beautiful, white with the only real colour on her ears … these are a mottled tan and white, setter Cross ?? 7 months old rescued from Greece. We were not expecting her to get here so soon… so that threw a spanner in the works. I had also arranged to look after a ladies Bichon boys. Reuben and Louis. Somehow all these were planned to miss each other… Well in my head that is… Those of you who know me will be laughing right now… Fibro Brain Fog….. kills any plans I. Your head lol… So when the lovely lady from Zante Strays said…. Would you be able to foster a puppy with your new one… just for a couple of weeks… I said… Absolutely… thinking two puppies will keep each other occupied… so it was a good idea…
Then as the beginning of all hell began, Brewster arrived for a 10 night stay… closely followed by Reuben and Louis, so now I have my two boys, Brewster and the Bichon boys… that’s 5 and more than a handful I can assure you. Anyway the Greek babies arrived making 7 in total… I jokingly said all we need now is for Big Archie to pop in… and yes, you got it… I now have 8. They are a wonderful pack of fluffy fun! Until the odd snarl and then a sneaky snap… so I had to man up and become Leader… telling them off, praising them, walking them, wearing them out with play… and now they have all gone back to their homes… I’m wide awake exhausted and missing them. Anyway now that I‘ve bored you all to tears… I am going to try and keep this blog going… but as it says in the title…. I’m not much of a writer. X
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